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The Kore™ – A Revolution in Building Technology

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HomeKore is certified under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Manufactured Building Program, Mass license MC#: 239.

The Kore™ System combines factory built modular components and wood wall panels for residential and commercial applications.

What are the most expensive rooms in your home? You’re right – they are the kitchen and bathroom!

HomeKore Manufacturing Company has designed a combined building system consisting of the Kore™, panelized wood exterior walls, and interior partitions. The Kore™ consists of a kitchen, a bathroom, and a laundry completely finished. The Kore™ comes complete with plumbing (including fixtures), electrical (including fixtures), heating, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, and all floor coverings, plastering, and painting. The exterior wood walls and interior partitions are panelized and shipped on the same trailer as the Kore™, saving you hundreds of dollars in transportation costs.

With the Kore™ there is no chasing the plumber or electrician to complete the job – it is already completed at the factory by HomeKore. The Kore™ provides you with the opportunity to own your affordable home. Call us today.

The Kore™ is well suited for new construction of single family, multifamily and vacation homes. See our gallery of finished homes.

The Kore™ modular system can be used to replace old and outdated kitchens and bathrooms with little inconvenience to you and your family.  See some examples of additions available from HomeKore.


The Kore™ is constructed with strict building specifications, and installation is straighforward and superior to other methods. If that doesn't convince you that the Kore™ is the way to go, here are reasons why component built structures are better!

Above:  Is a two Kore™ modular sytem.  The first floor modular Kore™ component consists of a finished kitchen, full bath with laundry and a 200 amp electrical panel for easy access.  The second floor modular Kore™  component is ready to go with full bath, complete with all heating, painting, tile and electrical.

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