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HomeKore Product Line

HomeKore is certified under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Manufactured Building Program, Mass license MC#: 239.

The Kore™

Our exclusive product is the Kore™ System, combining factory built modular components and wood wall panels for residential and commercial applications. People are entitled to acceptable, affordable, and quality-built housing. HomeKore provides this to the building industry with its efficient “Kore” modular components.

Modular Panels

Wood panels are pre-built component sections combined to form a complete structure. Panels are suitable for room additions, garages and sheds, too.

HomeKore offers:

  • Kore™ Modular-built Homes
  • Panelized/Modular commercial structures
  • Panelized Additions and Garages assembled onsite
  • Panelized Storage Sheds

Panelized additions and Garages

Do you need more room? Check out our panelized room additions. HomeKore offers a standard room addition program where you can start with one of our basic addition designs. You can further customize your addition by creating your own desired floor plan to meet your budget. HomeKore will provide you with a shell only or we can provide completion to your project. Within weeks, not months, you are enjoying your new HomeKore panelized addition.

Panelization is perfect for constructing custom garages.


Sheds for All Seasons

You will only buy a shed once — why not buy the right one now? HomeKore carries a full line of quality storage sheds suitable for any need.

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