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Component Built Homes
are the Wave of the Future

Component built homes – what are they? What do they look like? How good are they? Typical questions for a housing concept that has finally come of age.

For the past 31 years, HomeKore Manufacturing, located in Lakeville, MA, has been researching and developing an entirely new approach to the art and science of house construction. Based on a concept that has combined eastern and western world philosophies, HomeKore creates housing, utilizing traditional designs with futuristic building techniques.

As explained by Bill Brophy of HomeKore, "All people need food, clothing and shelter. Our Kore™ concept focuses on these necessities and creates energy efficient component modules referred to as the "Kore™". Each Kore™ component contains the nucleus of a house – the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. As builders we know these are the most costly areas to construct. By employing our patented Kore™ system we can deliver housing at affordable prices."

What is it that makes a component built home affordable? Primarily, cost control. By designing and constructing a Kore™ design system within a quality controlled manufacturing environment, HomeKore is able to deliver a top quality housing that meets or exceeds all local, state and national building codes at a affordable cost.

Each component measures approximately 14'x24' and has a rectangular floor plan with finished exterior walls, as well as finished interior side walls. The Kore™ component contains all necessary plumbing, electrical and other mechanical considerations. Attached to each Kore™ are the remaining component modules of each house. These include exterior and interior wall panels, floor systems, roof systems and heating systems. All components are manufactured under strict quality control processes.

Constructing a house utilizing HomeKore's concept of component-built homes saves time, energy and money. Unlike onsite construction, HomeKore is not hampered by weather conditions, unavailable supplies or other concerns that negatively impact the house construction industry.

HomeKore's manufactured houses are distributed throughout Massachusetts. Recently the company redesigned some of its housing styles. For further information on HomeKore Manufacturing call 800 696-0027 (MA only).



Kore™ modules are constructed to exacting specifications in our factory facilities in Lakeville, MA.

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